Building Communities, Promoting Citizenry and health


Youth Programs

There are a lot of issues that our growing community faces, from private and public education, to social responsibility, to ethics, to health care, and to leadership 

All adults should want to help our youth prepare for adulthood. Creating education and cultural programs offers teens and children the opportunity to grow, build communication skills, and engage each other in ways they may not ordinarily 

Reaching out and becoming involved is one of the best ways to build character and self-esteem, as well as meet other like-minded people. I seek to work with communities, incorporating the youth of the world

Community Diversity and Cultural awareness

Community Events

Nothing brings people together like a well-planned activity or event. a sense of belonging and communication, linked with empathy is a key factor to co-existence with all

Diversity and inclusiveness are important ingredients for a healthy and vibrant society. Nature thrives when the environment is diverse, so does a community